"HistoryFi" First Mover HistoryDAO Utility Token $HAO Surges on Day Of Gate.io and Huobi Global Listing

Release date Oct. 12, 2022, 05:53 am EDT
New York, NY, United States

The platform solely defining the "HistoryFi" space with its mission to democratize the telling and retelling of history, from the trivial to the profound, has flown by a major milestone with the listing of its utility token, $HAO, on Gate.io and Huobi Global.

As is standard practice with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), qualification for participation in the DAO is a certain minimum holding of the DAO's utility token, in this case, $HAO, which during the day-of-listing traded as high as $4,525,833.$0.01 equivalent, surging as much as 155%. Community benefits of holding $HAO include governance actions such as submitting proposals, commenting, and voting. And in addition to governance, $HAO will also be applied to all aspects of HistoryDAO products, which are intensively focused on nurturing community discussion around NFTs that represent trivial or profound historical events. In addition, when the market conducts NFT transactions, if $HAO is used to pay, the market will only charge a 1.5% commission rather than the standard 2%.

"The original spark for the HistoryDAO concept came from our fascination with the unprecedented immutability of information stored on blockchains," said HistoryDAO founder Sky Harris. "NFTs open a path for anyone to record something with nearly absolute preservation whether trivial or profound, and we've been steadily building a community around the idea. The huge enthusiasm around the $HAO listing is all the more validation that we're heading in the right direction."

HistoryDAO has its own marketplace, and NFTs created in the marketplace can also be traded on any marketplace connected to Ethereum or BNB, such as OpenSea and Element. Current minting fees on BNB chain are free and 0.01 eth on Ethereum.

HistoryDAO allows users to issue, query and trade NFTs of any kind of record on Ethereum and BNB Chain:

  • HistoryDAO supports various data formats in the form of historical records, allowing users to record multi-dimensional information;
  • HistoryDAO has a secondary market for NFTs that allows users to efficiently discover, evaluate, trade, manage, and ultimately value moments or histories;
  • HistoryDAO is entirely owned and managed by the community, and the development of the DAO is entirely driven by the community agenda;

In a nutshell, HistoryDAO is an NFT platform powered by DAOs, i.e. decentralized community organizations.

HistoryDAO's approach to the subject of history and memory simultaneously acknowledges the immutability of truth and the relativity of perspective. It traces this approach to the philosophy of Plato, who insisted (through his persona Socrates) on the existence of absolute truth, while at the same time believing that it could only be revealed with great effort, and only through "dialectic"the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions.

Blockchain and NFTs introduce a revolutionary new tool for the pursuit of truth through the power of immutability–the unprecedented power to lock in time and cyberspace a finite amount of data. To drive the dialectic, HistoryDAO is minting a limit of 1,000 NFTs on Galxe.com at four levels of dialectical incentive, "Explorer," "Discoverer," "Researcher," and "Historian," for contributing HistoryDAO members. Each level represents a stage of progression in the basic ways to contribute to the dialectic.

"The advantage we started with is far stronger now," said Harris. "It is the founding of the whole 'HistoryFi' concept–the idea of providing a place to make historical records that cannot be erased or revised by anyone. And now we are adding to that advantage through the listing of $HAO and leveraging the fast growing community around it."

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