"Nagarro's Ginger AI redefines employee productivity and fluidic enterprise decision-making"

Release date Sep. 22, 2023, 05:32 am EST
Munich, Germany
"Nagarro's Ginger AI redefines employee productivity and fluidic enterprise decision-making"
Nagarro, a leading global digital engineering company, offers groundbreaking solutions that drive business and industry transformations.

Nagarro, a renowned global leader in digital engineering, is proud to announce the latest iteration of Ginger AI, their cutting-edge enterprise AI platform. This exciting development represents a significant stride towards Nagarro's vision of a 'Fluidic Enterprise,' aimed at enabling clients to achieve heightened responsiveness, efficiency, and personalized interactions. While Genome AI, another flagship Nagarro platform, continues to redefine customer engagement, Ginger AI takes center stage by optimizing internal operations, enhancing efficiency, and facilitating informed decision-making.

Ginger AI leverages the potency of 'nudge patterns,' Generative AI, and NLP-based analytics to introduce a new era of efficiency and agility. The platform seamlessly enhances access to corporate knowledge, aligns employees with organizational objectives, automates intricate workflows, and promotes data-driven decision-making within the enterprise. Leveraging advanced AI technologies and analytics, Ginger AI empowers organizations to swiftly automate a broad spectrum of workflows, ensuring they remain nimble and adaptive in dynamic business landscapes.

Ginger AI equips enterprises with tools that transcend conventional operational paradigms. Leveraging NLP-driven algorithms, the platform introduces 'smart routing,' automatically directing support tickets to the most relevant departments, thereby expediting query resolution and minimizing manual intervention. Additionally, 'conversational analytics' enables users to effortlessly access services and data using natural language queries, expediting information retrieval. Personalized data nudges steer employees toward data-centric decision-making, surpassing traditional approaches. The platform also offers auto-generated reports crafted by AI, delivering user-specific data and content. Furthermore, 'tailored onboarding' adapts employee onboarding processes to individual roles and requirements.

Manas Human, co-founder of Nagarro, shared his thoughts on the innovation, stating, "Ginger AI serves as a pivotal platform that seamlessly integrates an organization's data, applications, and processes into a unified interface. It fosters hyper-personalized communication, agility in adopting new processes, and intelligent data utilization, ultimately empowering organizations to be responsive, efficient, and intimately connected with their stakeholders."

Nagarro has consistently invested in enhancing Ginger AI's capabilities, addressing the evolving challenges brought about by dynamic business conditions, rapid growth, and the ever-expanding work-from-anywhere culture. With significant advancements in AI, especially in Language Model AI (LLMs), Ginger AI now stands as its most potent version to date, delivering an array of revolutionary features that surpass its already formidable predecessor.

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