Sagamore Spirit introduces Rye-Distillate Amaro

Release date Sep. 14, 2023, 09:14 am EST
Baltimore, MD, United States
Sagamore Spirit introduces Rye-Distillate Amaro
Sagamore Spirit Amaro

Sagamore Spirit, known for its exceptional whiskey craftsmanship, is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural liqueur: Sagamore Spirit Amaro. This exciting release builds upon the brand's commitment to innovation and quality, utilizing the same 95% rye distillate that forms the foundation of Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey. The aim is to create a complementary elixir for their renowned rye whiskey lineup.

The journey to perfect this unique recipe involved Sagamore Spirit's dedicated team of distillers embarking on an exploration of premium botanicals. Their mission was to harmonize these botanicals seamlessly with the brand's distinctive rye distillate. After meticulous experimentation, they achieved an exquisite blend that harmonizes the delightful notes of orange, sarsaparilla, and cinnamon with the captivating baking spice accents inherent in Sagamore Spirit's signature Maryland rye whiskey. The result is Sagamore Spirit Amaro, an intriguing liqueur that tantalizes the senses with a multifaceted floral aroma and culminates in a subtly bitter finish. This creation appeals to both cocktail connoisseurs and devoted whiskey enthusiasts.

Ryan Norwood, Chief Operating Officer at Sagamore Spirit, expressed the team's enthusiasm for the project: "As distillers, we relish the opportunity to experiment. Crafting Sagamore Spirit Amaro provided us with a fantastic opportunity to explore ingredients that harmonize flawlessly with the distinctive flavor profile of our whiskey. Our uncompromising standards meant that achieving perfection required time and effort. There was no established blueprint for an amaro based on rye distillate, and our objective was to craft a product that not only stands on its own merit but is also tailor-made for enhancing rye whiskey cocktails."

To complete the perfect Black Manhattan cocktail experience, Sagamore Spirit now offers everything needed. This sophisticated cocktail, featuring Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey, Sagamore Spirit Amaro, and the brand's exclusive whiskey cherries, will be featured on select on-premise menus. Home mixologists can also recreate it by conveniently acquiring all three essential ingredients from Sagamore Spirit's Visitor's Center. The detailed recipe for Sagamore Spirit's Black Manhattan can be accessed here.

Sagamore Spirit Amaro is currently available for purchase at select on- and off-premise establishments in key markets, including California, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, D.C. The suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle is $29.99. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks as a digestif, or as an exquisite addition to rye whiskey cocktails. For further information, please visit

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