Kolon Industries exhibits in 'DOMOTEX Hannover 2023', the world's leading trade fair for carpets and flooring

Release date Jan. 12, 2023, 03:00 am EDT
Hannover, Germany
Kolon Industries exhibits in 'DOMOTEX Hannover 2023', the world's leading trade fair for carpets and flooring
Kolon Industries' exhibition booth in DOMOTEX Hannover, 2023

Kolon Industries Inc. (KRX: 120110), top chemical materials and textile maker in South Korea, exhibits its polyester spunbond textile (brand name: FINON) at 'DOMOTEX Hannover 2023' in Germany from 12-15 January (local time). The company plans to speed up the implementation of global marketing strategy in the European market through this world wide opportunity.

  • Actively targets the European carpet backing market with the newly launched eco-friendly product line-up

  • Obtained international green certifications for the first time in Korea by the eco-friendly PET spunbond textile from recycled plastic bottles

  • Strengthens global network through the eco-friendly product line-up with the brand name "FINON ECO"

'Domotex Hannover 2023' is a world leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. Exhibitors and trade show attendees introduce and exchange information about the latest trends in the global flooring industry. It has been held every year since it was first held in Hannover, Germany in 1989 and more than 730 exhibitors from 50 nations are participating this year.

The South Korean textile maker has been exhibiting in DOMOTEX Hannover every year since 2011. This time, the company is focusing on groundbreaking networks and enhancing partnerships with customers by presenting the newly launched eco-friendly PET spunbond line-up, the brand name "FINON ECO". In particular, the company was the only non-woven textiles company to participate in 'THE GREEN COLLECTION', a special eco-friendly product exhibition of DOMOTEX Hannover. "FINON ECO" has been proven to be effective in sustainability by obtaining the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificates.

"Participating in DOMOTEX Hannover has always been a definite must for us. Our goal is to enhance global partnerships and show our differentiated technology in the global market through this world wide platform", explains Hyeonjun Choi, Director of the company's non-woven business.

Polyester spunbond is a non-woven fabric that is bonded after being spun in the form of filaments. It is widely used as carpet backing, media filters, construction, civil engineering materials and more. Kolon Industries Inc. was the first synthetic textiles manufacturing company in South Korea and started the spunbond business in 1985. It has developed its own technologies to supply high quality products with excellent mechanical properties and durability to customers worldwide.

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