CryptoCookies: Helping People Profit From Crypto Volatility With DeFi Options

Release date Nov. 07, 2022, 08:31 am EDT
Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
CryptoCookies: Helping People Profit From Crypto Volatility With DeFi Options

CryptoCookies has added SOL to their list of offerings, alongside ETH and BTC.

Until now, the opportunity to turn market volatility into yield has often been available to only high net-worth individuals and experienced traders. With the help of the blockchain, CryptoCookies is on a mission to change this and make crypto options accessible to all.

Despite their appeal, options are often shrouded in complexity. Fussy, counter-intuitive trading platforms offer little explanation to users, making them relatively impassable and intimidating, especially to the average retail user. Crypto markets are also typically more volatile, but they have the added certainty that their downside is limited to the premium paid. One of the benefits of high volatility is that traders can potentially make better returns if the market goes the way they predicted since there will be a greater difference between the strike price and the settlement price at expiry.

With a strong focus on UX, CryptoCookies aims to demystify options and engage experienced and new investors. Furthermore, removing intermediaries with the blockchain means there is now no need to be a private banking client, a professional trader,or an institution to benefit from options trading. CryptoCookies is non-custodial, meaning no one takes ownership of the user's assets, and each option contract is verified and settled on-chain.

Further chains, coins and structured products are in the pipeline to be added to CryptoCookies soon.

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